Designed for individual research as well as group studies, the Heritage-Master is the reader
of 16 and 35mm microfilms ideally suited for home or association work.

reader, microfilm reader

Equipped with a high precision, multicoated Super-Paxon 2.8/85mm lens, the reader
despatches a sharp, clear and accurate image on its incorporated 21cmx21cm rear projection screen.

The screen can be folded to allow wall projection or on a larger external screen. The reader
has 3 devices which can be added to standard configuration to increase its capabilities and its
adaptability to various microfilms characteristics:

reader, microfilm reader

reader, microfilm reader Wide angle lens : this lens which increase by 1.6 times the size of the projected image is recommended for small pages or very old documents.

reader, microfilm reader Image rotation lens : the only one in the world for a portable microfilm reader, this full 360° rotation lens allows the reading of “portrait” images as well as “ landscape” with the 1.6 magnification.

reader, microfilm reader Take up spool : with quick loading device makes threading fast and easy.

reader, microfilm reader reader, microfilm reader

Once finished with the reader of microfilm, its screen can be folded over the reader and it can be easily stored almost anywhere as it is light (less than 5 kilo) and small ( 34cmx34cmx14cm). The power cord is stored in a cavity located under the body.

Power supply, according European standards, is 220 volts / 50 hertz protected by a fuse. The lamp is a standard halogen 12 volts / 50watts.


Microfilm Reader Heritage-Master
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